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Intimate concerts, recorded live on stage in Studio A at Bird Records are a special event. The listener often feels as though they are in private living room performance with the artist. These live and spontaneous recordings sound incredible and are engineered by some of the best in the business. The sound quality surpasses that of most concert recordings by avoiding the noise of a festival crowd and better allows for repeated listening.


APE is a six-piece band from San Francisco and the only band in the world that features a live Tiki Carver. APE is anything but conventional. While rooted in exotica, rock, jazz, and Hawaiian music, APE has touched on various genres throughout their career. Their instrumentation is a nontraditional mix of steel guitar, ukuleles and odd tuned acoustics with electric guitars, bass, drums and a variety of percussion instruments.

Record Label in San Francisco


Kemp Harris defies categorization. He is an actor, activist, author, storyteller, educator, singer, and songwriter -- a master weaver of American musical styles. Kemp has shared stages with artists such as Koko Taylor, Gil Scott-Heron, and Taj Mahal. Kemp’s most recent album, Edenton, is a modern blues journey that fuses the personal and the political, the sacred and the profane, to haunting effect.

Record Label in San Francisco


Loebe is not just another talent. She’s a talent — a sophisticated, mature writer with a relevant point of view and an assured, nuanced voice that’s both elegant and earthy, powerful and delicate, with a range and depth she hints at more than flashes. When the moment’s right, however, she’ll glide up a scale like Norah Jones, or drop right into a crag in Fiona Apple’s sidewalk.

Record Label in San Francisco


Bird Records is proud to present the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, a 10” limited edition vinyl and digital release from BIRDSEED, an American rock band formed in 2012 that has been attracting large numbers of Gen X and Gen Y fans with their classic Fleetwood Mac-meets-Wilco sound. This new release is now available worldwide online and in stores, and features some amazing players and solid.

Record Label in San Francisco


Kate Lardner's powerful voice, soulful song-writing and deft versatility on guitar and piano have already earned her a solid grass-roots following across Marin and San Francisco. She also produced and was headliner for a sold-out benefit show at Sweetwater last summer (which also featured Bird Records' Ape!) Keep an eye on this emerging young talent with acoustic rock sensibilities.

Record Label in San Francisco


Like a good boxer, Tom Rhodes mastered this one-two technique through years of training. The Oakland, California-based songwriter has spent more than a decade honing his honest, and learning to craft songs whose truth matches his passion as a performer. In that time, he has performed all over the US and Europe, released five albums, 2 EPs, numerous singles, and even appeared on season 9 of The Voice. 

Record Label in San Francisco


Before signing with New West Records in early 2011, country songwriter Robert Ellis made a name for himself in Houston. Inspired by the country, folk, and bluegrass records he'd heard while growing up in southern Texas, Ellis began playing shows around the city, eventually landing a Wednesday-night residency at a local venue called Fitzgerald's.

Record Label in San Francisco


A burgeoning star, Amy LaVere is becoming renowned worldwide for her songwriting, bass playing, and vocals. She sings with a sweet, haunting voice that can turn on a dime from innocent to lusty ("Norah Jones with an added Cyndi Lauper element" — Mojo Magazine; "Spookiness suits her" — New York Times). 

Record Label in San Francisco


A debut album by a smart jazz singer with

a lithe, lissome sound is always welcome, but when the artist is also a strikingly effective songwriter, a celebration is in order. With the release of Halfway Between Heaven & Love, Oakland-based Suzanna Smith delivers one of the year’s most impressive vocal projects, an intoxicating mix of original tunes and beautifully rendered standards.

Record Label in San Francisco
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