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Not Out Of Time / Birdseed


The name Birdseed was inspired by a dream image of seed
being thrown to a flying group of pigeons swarming to catch the
food in mid-air. This has served as an apt metaphor for the
band's music, its relationship with its fans, and the atmosphere
at its shows. The story of the band and its fans was featured in
the rockumentary "Birdseed: Songs from the Nest," which
can be streamed at


released August 4, 2017

Birdseed consists of Kerry Landreth (vocals), Jamie
Goodyear (vocals, guitar, keyboards, vocoder, bongos),
Mason Morfit (guitar), Scott Bell (drums), Brian Hetherington
(keyboards), Peter Landreth (saxophone) and Lane
Murchison (bass).

Not Out Of Time / Birdseed

SKU: B009
  • New Vinyl 


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